Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Intellectual exchange at China's role in Global Economy Recovery 智力交流:中国在世界经济复中所扮演的角色

In the face of global financial turmoil, China’s measures to boost its domestic consumption and growth are seen as a gift to the world. This and other points of discussion were deliberated at INTI Subang’s Economic Forum entitled “Can China Save the World?”

Dr Richard Ebeling, Professor of Economics at Northwood University, USA; Mr Loh Chang Woo, co-founder and managing partner at CW Loh & Associates; and Dr Cheong Kee Cheok, Adjunct Professor and former Dean at the Faculty of Economics and Administration, Universiti Malaya articulated on China’s ability to sustain its current economic position, legal reforms to boost foreign investor confidence, ASEAN countries’ response to China’s rise, and US reaction to China’s progress among other things.

The thought-provoking discussions interlaced with humorous quips captured the attention of the audience consisting of over 250 students and faculty of INTI Subang. Mr Loh, who has travelled extensively in China to represent clients on legal matters, stated that given China’s pro-active efforts, he believed the country would be able to sustain its impressive momentum.

Dr Ebeling, a visiting lecturer at INTI, was of the view that China’s taking over as the global leader in the near future was unlikely. He explained that “America’s process of becoming a giant was not immediate and China would have to go through a similar process.”

Meanwhile, Dr Cheong, who serves as a consultant for the World Bank and the United Nations, believed that China’s economy would not be the only one to boom but will include India’s, Russia’s and Brazil’s. In fact, the acronym “BRIC” had been created for the economies of Brazil, Russia, India and China combined and these four economies are expected to become wealthier than most of the current major economic powers.

The forum was organized by INTI Subang’s Center for American Education and School of Business.


美国诺斯伍德大学的经济学教授Dr Richard Ebeling;罗章武律师事务所的创办人和执行合伙人罗章武先生;以及马来亚大学的经济与管理学院兼职教授和前院长Dr Cheong Kee Cheok阐述了关于中国有能力维持其目前的经济状况和法律改革,提高外国投资者的信心。东盟国家回应中国的崛起,而美国则反应中国的进展。


英迪的客座讲师Dr Ebeling认为在不久的将来中国不太可能成为全球领导者。他解释说:“美国成为世界巨头并不是一朝一夕的事情,因此中国也需要经过一个类似的漫长过程。”

与此同时,世界银行和联合国的顾问Dr Cheong则相信中国的经济繁荣不会是一枝独秀,还会包括印度、俄罗斯和巴西。事实上,由俄罗斯、中国、印度和巴西组成的所谓“金砖四国(BRIC)”有望超越目前的主要经济大国成为四大经济体。


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